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Standardized tests 

Physicochemical propertiesFormulation
Solubility Formulation development (and nano-formulation)
Permeability (PAMPA, PAMPA-BBB, Caco-2, pgp-inhibition) Extemporaneous compounding
In vitro diffusion (Frantz cells) Formulation stability study
Stability in simulated media Forced degradation, uniformity, dissolution
Log P, Log D, pKa evaluation On demand development
MetabolismToxicity (in development)
Metabolic stability (Plasma, Hepatocytes, Microsomes) hERG
Metabolites identification Ames
CYP450 inhibition (reversible) Micronuclei
CYP450 inhibition (time-dependent) Cytotoxicity
Protein binding (plasma or tissues) Teratogenecity
Blood/Plasma ratio
PK study (rodent)  
Route PO, IV, IP and IM  
HPLC-MS/MS bioanalysis  
Plasma, blood, feces, urine, tissues